Pattern Testing

Pattern testing is a great way to test your skills and get your name out there. I actually really enjoy it because it gives me a chance to try something new or practice what I already know.

It’s always a good feeling to be apart of the testing process because you get to help that designer work out the kinks of their pattern before it is available to the public. I’m so grateful to the designers I have already tested for because they took a chance on me being a beginner and they were wonderful to work with.

My first ever pattern test was for Jennifer from Crochet Coterie on Instagram for her Mosey Cozy! A quick and easy stash buster project. I am grateful for Jennifer for letting me do my first pattern test with her 🙂

I also find pattern tests are a great way to use up yarns or colours that you don’t necessarily have a plan for. The In Circles Hat pattern test (pictured above) was for a Mary Renji on Ravelry. I had this yellow yarn that I bought for another project that I really didn’t know what else I would use it for. So it turned into a nice bright beanie!

Pattern tests can also be an excuse to buy more yarn!! Pictured above is the Sands of Change Beanie for Sherri from Kjrb Stitching Corner. I loved this test cause I got a really great bulky striped yarn and I just love the way the stripes turned out!

Like I said before, pattern tests are a great way to try out new skills. This was my first tapestry crochet pattern test AND my first tapestry crochet project in general! This pattern is the Modern Woodland Pillows by Cozy Nook Designs. I’m pretty proud of myself for how it turned out on my first shot. I would definitely like to do more tapestry work because I think it’s so cool the designs you can make come to life!

Keep an eye out for pattern testing on designers pages, pattern testing groups, etc. There’s so many available so put yourself out there! While you’re at it, check out the links below to the amazing designers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Until next time, happy hooking!


Crochet Coterie:
Mary Renji:
KJRB Stitching Corner:
Cozy Nook Designs:

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